Unique Uses for Lotions

Lotions are a great gift for many different occasions, and some of those reasons often go overlooked completely. Here are just some of the reasons that you may end up wanting to go with lotions as a gift and why they make great sense (or scents if you are into puns!):

  • Lotions for birthdays: If you want to give someone a truly unique birthday gift then give them a special scented lotion that reminds you of them. Every time that they wear it, it will remind them of you!
  • A lotion for a baby shower: Babies are cute, but they tend to smell bad! While not all lotions are great for a baby, a little oil and lotion for a baby massage might be just what those tired little muscles need from a day full of exercise. You might not think of holding a bottle as exercise, but for a baby it is as is crawling and doing any number of other things that push their little motor skills to the limit!
  • Some lotion for home warming: A new home requires some new things, and what better way to get things off on the right foot than with some amazingly priced scented lotions. That new house smell could be completely and totally unique.
  • A basket of lotion for the office: The entire office may actually appreciate lotion, especially in dry seasons and/or climates where lotion is common. Lotion with antibacterial properties may also help reduce downtime due to illnesses!

Why Trollbeads Rock

Trollbeads are a unique gift for those that are interested. If you want to give a gift that says that you know just what the other person likes and wants, it is very hard to go wrong with trollbeads so long as the person is into them. If you happen to be observant or knowledgeable you might see that the recipient has a tendency to like certain types of trollbeads, or you can just get a random assortment and see what gets used and what doesn’t. Failing that, you might just pick what appeals to you and let them know, so they know that using them is a sign of connection with you!

Cool Purses for Cool People

Purses make the outfit without a doubt. So why are you shopping those big name stores for purses that are run of the mill when Take Me Home has just what you need: a cool purse as unique as you are!

Soaps Just For You!

Some people like smelling a certain way, while others just smell that way because they are not shopping at Take Me Home. Get your smell on right with some unique handcrafted soaps that will make you smell the way that you want to smell!

Unique Jewelry for Unique Tastes

Why go to those big brand name stores for jeweler that is stamped out by the million when you can get Jewelry as unique as you are here at Take Me Home? Come browse our amazing selection of totally cool and totally chic offerings…


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